About Us

What We Do

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Association of Nova Scotia provides DHH Youth with opportunities to meet other DHH Youth by promoting awareness, organizing activities and events. By enabling the continuous social development and opportunities for new skills development, our youth are becoming leaders and positive role models for younger Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth.

About the Logo

The DYA Logo is a symbol picked by our organization, Deaf Youth Association of Nova Scotia (DYANS), to represent the Deaf Youth in Nova Scotia. We recognize that Deaf Youth comes from all walks of life, that their experiences are unique to each other, and that sometimes language barrier can come between them. These differences are something which DYA hopes to overcome by offering Deaf Youth opportunities and life skills that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

The butterfly is a symbol we picked to represent the Deaf Youth scattered all over the Maritimes. For those interested in the reason why we chose it; the butterfly is 99%/98% deaf, making it the ideal image for DYA. The butterfly is also revered as a symbol of transformation in many cultures; we hope that, by fostering a sense of community and acceptance among Deaf Youth, we can enrich the Deaf community with new role models and new ideas of what it means to be Deaf.

All credits and thanks To Rylyn Lennox for the new logo design!

Contact Us

Email: info@dyans.ca